New Tax Law – Winners and Losers

I found an interesting article explaining the probable ramifications with the new tax law limiting the allowable mortgage deductions. Developers have been gearing up and have been developing rental properties since the downturn in the economy in 2007.  We too, have been adjusting our business to be a lot more rental centric.  Please give us […]

It’s The Little Things That Matter in Shopping Centers

It’s The Little Things That Matter in Shopping Centers – When managing your shopping center – It’s the little things that matter most. The world and how it operates is changing faster than we can keep up with. Every day a new app or a way a business used to operate changes. Shopping malls across […]

Insurance: One of the Many Mysteries of the World

Insurance has always baffled many residents due to the voluminous policy pages and all of the small print exclusions. Here’s a Property Insurance Primer from Brown & Brown Insurance to help understand the different type of policies. Your Association’s Documents MUST be reviewed by your agent to ensure proper coverage. HOA coverage is very different […]

Snow Removal Shortcuts that Save Time and Energy

How to Get the Most out of Your Snow Blower and Snow Shovel   Got snow? We bet you do. If your back has been aching after a long winter of shoveling or blowing snow, maybe you’re doing it wrong. Here’s some advice from Consumer Reports home expert Eric Hado that’ll make snow removal a […]

Fire Safety for Seniors

It’s a fact that older adults, aged 65 and more, die in home fires far more often than the rest of the population. However, you can retire fire by taking care of yourself and influencing others, such as your neighbors, friends and family, about fire safety. People can and have saved their own lives and the […]

The Small Developer – Working in Unison with KPM

The Small Developer – Working in Unison with KPM   I have been in real estate management for 30 years and have seen the industry change, dodge, and weave through different tumultuous times. Even though the economy has improved for most, in the past couple of years, the suburban development boom has changed from the […]

Dogs in Your Community – Oh Poop!

Dogs in Your Community   Living within a community can be challenging for many reasons and your neighbor’s dog “Sir Barksalot” can be one of those very reasons.  I have found that generally residents are even more passionate about their pets than they are about other members of their family.  Tell someone that you are […]

Rental Apartment Amenities – Most Popular

Rental Apartment Amenities – Most Popular Since the proliferation of rental buildings / communities’, amenities have greatly evolved, adapting to the changing needs of the sophisticated renter.  Amenities that were once a luxury are now considered basics.  Hardwood and laminate floors, stainless steel appliances, the fitness center, a pet spa, the pool, and the concierge […]

Our Projects are Award Winning!

Our Projects are Award Winning! I am very fortunate to be able to work with two very talented professionals to bring two projects to life. Thanks and congratulations to John Rod from John Rod and Co. and Keva Stewart from Keva Stewart Designs.   John Rod and Co. Wins 5 FAME Awards We are excited […]