Crack Filling – Picking the right company

We came across this great article about crack filling from C&L Services. We have used C&L in the past and they really understand what it takes to keep our properties looking great! We found the article useful and informative and wanted to share it the friends and colleagues of Klein Property Management.

Crack Filling and Your Investment

Asphalt paving is one of the most valuable investments you can make to your parking lot, and as such, it is well worth protecting.

Over time, you will need to do a little patching and sealing here and there as the weather and use takes a toll on the initial paving.

Just as with the original construction, asphalt crack filling needs to be done properly to seal the asphalt effectively. This will not only save you money in the long run, but also prolong the life of the pavement.

When the time to fill up cracks on the paving comes, it is vital that you take the time to find the right contractor who will go the extra mile to ensure that the job is done right and professionally the first time.

The big question is, how can you tell the difference between a company that excels at crack filling and those that do not? Here are a few pointers you need to have at your fingertips as you begin the search.

Crack Filling Companies – Dedicated Maintenance Companies are Your Best Bet

To save time searching and avoid taking risks with questionable companies, we recommend that you contract crack filling companies that have a dedicated asphalt expert who have the experience to seal cracks effectively on your parking lot.

Some companies offer crack filling as an extra service—a side job that they assign the least experienced members of their team. If you value your parking lot and want the job done right, you need to find a company that offers asphalt crack filling as part of their professional service.

Crack Filling – Check the Materials the Company Uses

When it comes to asphalt, the quality of materials used has a direct impact on how well cracks will be filled and whether you will be spending more money on refilling the same cracks within a couple of months.

A company that is passionate about providing quality service to its customers uses quality materials that guarantee that the same cracks will not require filling within a short period.

Avoid companies that use cheap materials that deteriorate quickly, it will be costly to keep refilling the same cracks on your parking lot every year.

Crack Filling Requires Proper Planning and Preparation

If you hire a contractor who spends 1/2 hour pouring filler into the cracks and demands payment, you will be left with a mess.

A company that sends down an expert to fill the cracks understands the importance of planning and preparation. This may include cleaning the cracked surface, removing soil and debris from the cracks, and selecting the right filler to minimize color mismatch.

As you shop around for such a company, be sure to choose a company that emphasizes proper planning and preparation rather than just scheduling a crack filling pour.

Crack Filling – The Need for Precision During Filling

When filling cracks on asphalt surfaces, precision is imperative to producing desirable results.

If you go for a company that rushes through the project, it’s likely that the crack will re-open after a short time.

Before hiring a contractor, emphasize the need for precision during filling so the cracks are sealed (this is the required outcome for the project!).

Filling asphalt cracks is not a simple and straightforward task, which is why there are dedicated companies that have experienced and passionate experts who know how to do it.

Avoid wasting money, wasting time, and prolong the life of your parking lot by selected the right paving company to fill any cracks.

Is C&L Services that company?  Give them a call and allow them to plan, prepare and expertly fulfill your parking lot crack filling needs. For asphalt crack filling, call C & L Services at 732-886-1940.

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