Preventing and Thawing Frozen Pipes – Tips

Preventing and Thawing Frozen Pipes We have been getting calls all week from many of our tenants in distress. With sub zero temperatures, the pipes are frozen in many of the buildings we manage, and the homes we manage. Klein Property Management is ready to guide you in your time of need. As a matter of […]

Property Management – Four Tips for Happy Tenants

Property Management – Lowering Turnover Every landlord would like to lower the turnover in their properties. It’s costly to attract and retain good tenants, not to mention the costs you incur when they move out and you have to turn a vacant rental. It just makes good business sense to strive to have happy, long […]

Property Maintenance – Is It Too Late For Winterization?

Have you winterized your property yet?  You may be saying, “it’s too late…winter is here. I should have done my property maintenance in the fall”. I can see some sort of logic in this argument, but not winterizing your property because you didn’t get around to it can spell disaster.  With bad weather on it’s […]

Klein Property Management – Blog!

BLOG FEATURE IS NOW HERE! Keep Connected on all Aspects of Property Management with Klein Property Management’s Blog   We are currently writing informative and exciting posts informed.