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This month I have included an interested and comprehensive email about Hurricane preparedness. 


Hurricane damage poses a major threat for everyone in a storm’s path, but for small business owners, a hurricane can spell destruction. In fact, in 2017, natural disasters exceeded $300 billion in damages.  Many business owners can’t afford to rebuild and reinvest after their business is wiped out, leading to a high likelihood of permanent closure.

Here’s how business owners can prepare for the threat of a hurricane. 

Understand Your Risk Profile

Hurricanes pose the greatest threat in the southern half of the Atlantic coast, as well as the south and Gulf coast regions. Companies further north along the coast and into the northeast and midwestern regions need to be aware that storm damage and flooding as a result from a hurricane can span as far as these areas as well. 

Having your risk assessed by a professional actuarial company can offer some crucial guidance as far as how useful preparing for a hurricane (and purchasing the proper disaster insurance) can be for your business.

Fortify Your Business

As a business owner, it’s easy to believe that hurricanes only happen to other people in other cities. But in reality, weather damage can strike anyone at any time. You need to make special arrangements for the preservation of your business’s physical integrity. 

But, business fortification goes beyond physical risk management. For companies in risk zones, take time to find out if your community participates in the National Flood Insurance Program, a federal safeguard that provides affordable access to flood insurance for homes and businesses in vulnerable areas. Disaster insurance is the best way to ensure that your business interests will be protected in the event of a hurricane. Selective offers flood insurance for business and personal property and contents.

Assemble a Contingency Plan

To keep your business alive in the event of a hurricane, you’ll need to build a business continuity plan. These plans must be tailored to individual businesses, of course, but important considerations will include:



Consider using a template to create a business continuity plan, and research your options in terms of available disaster insurance so that the destruction of your physical business by a hurricane doesn’t mean the end of your business.

Prepare and Protect your Property

Preparing your property is also essential to protecting your business from hurricane damage. 

​Here are a few tips from the National Hurricane  Survival Initiative:

Check out the National Hurricane Survival Initiative’s website for additional ways to ready your property for hurricane season.