Spring cleaning isn’t just for unit owners. As we move out of the winter months, now is a great time to make sure the community is “spic and span”.


Take a Walk. March is a great time to schedule landscape walks and maintenance walks with your vendors.  Look at what kind of landscape needs you might have for the upcoming season, concrete, asphalt, things that would need attention. Those are very commonly scheduled, if you can schedule your landscape walk with your vendor, they can start to prepare your quotes for you moving into spring.  For asphalt and concrete, any areas that the association are responsible for should be reviewed because those areas tend to sustain some damage over the winter.  If the association is responsible for the roads, they may need maintenance after the winter months because salting and plowing can cause potholes. You may have common parking areas or parking lots. Entry ways, stoops, sidewalks, they should all be looked at if they’re the association’s responsibility.  For landscaping, be on the lookout for anything that may have been damaged during the snowy season, from turf to dead plants that need replacing, to broken tree limbs.  


Clean Out Those Gutters. Cleaning old leaves from gutters, downspouts, and catch basins should be done once the snow melts.


Dive into Pool Maintenance. Unless your community’s pool is heated, it’s likely been out of use during the winter season. Check the pipes and waterlines to make sure there are no leaks and if the deck needs to be sealed and pressure cleaned, now would be a good time to take care of that.  

Do a pressure test to ensure that there are no underground leaks that are requiring you to refill the pool more often than would be typically necessary. Now’s also a good time to reseal any caulking, to check for loose tiles, and to take a good look at the pool filters and the pump room.


Get Your Owners On Board. Speaking of inspiring your owners to do a little spring cleaning of their own, Spring is a great time to send a newsletter out to your community reminding them to clean up any compliance issues that have piled up over the winter season.  Prepare a newsletter and give homeowners a general reminder of some common issues.  Tell them they have a certain time frame to clean this stuff up whether it’s cluttered balconies, cleaning up pet waste that had not been picked up over the winter, things of that nature that tend to go to the wayside in the winter months, and just give owners a heads up that these things are going to be looked at, so now is the time to really focus on that and clean that up so we can avoid any issues. Generally, you’ll notice these issues when you’re doing the maintenance walks mentioned above.





If you are planning an opportunity for residents to dispose of household or backyard junk and clutter you will need to arrange a dumpster for your event, preferably a large container called a “roll-off dumpster.”   





Location and Timing for Your Cleanup Event




Tasks you can assign volunteers to work on include:


If you have any questions on how you can plan a Spring cleanup in your community, feel free to call Klein Property Management at (732) 446-0611 or visit our website at www.kleinpropertymanagement.com